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Chhattisgarh BJP’ official website hacked by Pakistani hackers

Iran-based group behind ‘unprecedented’ global hacking: FireEye

San Francisco, Iran-based cyber criminals are likely behind a sophisticated “unprecedented” hacking campaign targeting entities across the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and North America, according to US cybersecurity firm FireEye. The researchers at FireEye have identified a wave of DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking that has affected dozens[Read More…]

Indian Workers Plight in Middle East: Caution’s

India gets the highest amount of remittances in the world at roughly $70 billion, almost three times the amount of FDI that comes into the country. The Middle East accounts for 17.5 per cent of the Indian diaspora population but contributes nearly 60 per cent of total remittances to India.[Read More…]

Qatar offers visa-free entry to 80 countries, including India

Qatar offers visa-free entry to 80 countries, including India

Qatar announced a programme, on Wednesday that allows visa-free entry for citizens of 80 countries to encourage air transport and tourism amid a two-month boycott imposed on the Gulf state by its neighbours. Travellers from a dozen countries will now receive tourist visa as they arrive Qatar. “The visa exemption[Read More…]

Trump threatens to pull US out of WTO if it doesn’t ‘pull up’

Stop teaching hate: Donald Trump to Qatar

In between the biggest diplomatic face-off between Qatar and the rest of the middle-east, US President Donald Trump accused Doha of backing terrorism. Calling it the funder of terrorism, Trump asked the Gulf emirate along with other nations to stop “teaching hate”. “Stop funding (terrorism). Stop teaching hate. Stop the[Read More…]

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