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Personal data of 200 million people leaked online

Personal data of 200 million people leaked online

In the largest breach of electoral data, personal details and sensitive information of over 200 million people in the US was accidentally leaked by a marketing firm, contracted by the Republican National Committee. , According to Gizmodo, a technology news website, personal information of nearly 61% of the US population[Read More…]

Trump refuses to shake hand with Angela Merkel

US President Donald Trump has apparently refused to shake German chancellor Angela Merkel’s hand during a joint appearance at the White House. In a video, reporters asked Trump and Merkel to shake hands at the end of the photo op, as is customary during meetings between foreign leaders. Hearing the[Read More…]

Trump signals deal with Mexico on asylum seekers

Hawaii federal judge blocks Trump’s new travel ban

A federal judge in Hawaii has placed a nationwide hold on the key aspects of US President Donald Trump’s revised travel ban after hearing arguments that the executive order discriminates on the basis of nationality. The executive order was put on hold just hours before the new restrictions were to[Read More…]

Amid protest, Donald Trump to swear in as 45th US President

Amidst the protest across the globe, Donald Trump will deliver his first presidential speech to hundreds of thousands of people gathered in Washington DC and millions watching around the world Friday afternoon local time (10: 30 pm IST). Trump’s incoming press secretary Sean Spicer told media on Thursday that the[Read More…]

Former French president Sarkozy bids farewell to politics

Former French president Nikolas Sarkozy has announced his withdrawal from politics after conceding defeat in the first round of country’s right-wing presidential primary. The former French President came third in the poll with 21.4 percent with three-quarters of the vote counted. Former prime minister Francois Fillon took the lead in[Read More…]

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