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Opinion: The myth of employment by Modi government

The myth of employment by Modi government

On 15th August 2018 from the Red Fort on Independence Day, prime minister Narendra Modi on the issue of employment said- “My dear countrymen, 13 crore Mudra Loans has been a major achievement. More so, if it includes 4 crore youth who have taken the loan for the first time[Read More…]

31.1 lakh new job created between Sep 17-Feb 18, says Niti Ayog

Unemployment is the lesser of India’s problems: NITI Aayog

While the opposition has criticised the Modi government for rising unemployment in the country; government policy think-tank NITI Aayog said in a report that not unemployment but “severe underemployment” is a more serious problem for India. In its draft action report that covers fiscal 2018 to 2020, the NITI Aayog[Read More…]

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