Women’s Day 2020: Time to talk about ‘Sharma ji ki ladki’ alongside ‘ladka’, ways in which women thrash sexist stereotypes

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One day, I came across an incident, where a lady was driving a car and somehow she suddenly met with a minor crash. A crowd gathered and I was also the one from the crowd. I heard a lot of absurd comments, “ladki drive kar rahi thi isliye hogya accident” and some said, “ladkiyo ko toh drive karna hi nahi chahiye, they are bimbo” and some were like “ jab drive karna aata nahi toh kyun karti hai”.

Why is it always said, she can’t handle technical work, she can’t drive, we call them abrasive, bitchy, ditsy and what not?

Alas! It’s the 21st century, girls are placed right beside boys, which means they are treated equally in society, but even after this, there is something that is lacking behind. We all say girls are equal to boys however, I raise a question, Is this a so-called equality that exists? Do women really get respect in their respective jobs? In the developing world, women are tagged with the word BIMBO, just because no one has challenged the stereotypes till now.

We all have heard enough about ‘Sharma Ji ka ladka’ all our lives but this women’s day let’s hear about ‘Sharma Ji ki ladki’ and sort of more girls who are working outstandingly.

In the past few years, it is observed that girls outshine ahead boys in terms of education. Since 2015, every year girls have bagged the first position in the CBSE 12th Board exams. Consistently, girls are doing remarkable work in every field whether it is education, or social services, or politics.

We can praise the central government and the number of girl education policies launched by the government, “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, “ National Scheme of Incentive to Girls for Secondary Education” for a women’s progress in such an orthodox society. There is no doubt that the government has made great progress in improving women’s livelihoods and their development towards success.

For women empowerment, rights, etc., the government has launched many campaigns and programs. Today, girls perform better than boys in most aspects. Steps taken by the Indian government to motivate and encourage women somewhere deserves applause, interestingly, we cannot really discover the existence of women in this stereotyped society after realising the present truth and fact.

The world of pop culture has turned simple calm women into a strong confident woman who now speaks up! Fight for rights! Fight for justice!

Hence, pop culture is maybe a key element behind the changes in the lives of women.

Yet men are always considered superior for instance if they do things in the wrong manner, nobody thinks and cares but if women make the same mistake, it becomes an issue. Ironically, what we see is that our country still lacks to give women equal opportunities and respect even after so many women’s development schemes. It’s time to get rid of dreams and face the true truth about women’s empowerment. Whatever women say is not groundless, it shows their strong desire for success or achievement.

I do not call on the government or the society now, but on all women, to take up the responsibility towards their own self. Because this time it’s about you, your choices and your development. Therefore, on the day dedicated to women worldwide, I just want to tell all lovely women to stand up for themselves, so that they don’t need anyone to stand up for them! Happy Women’s Day to all ladies!

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