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No continuous holidays for banks

Chennai: Banks will not remain closed for five consecutive days starting from Thursday, a union leader said on Monday. “The banks will work on March 31 (Saturday) and there is no continuous holidays as per messages in the social media,” D. Thomas Franco Rajendra Dev, General Secretary of the All[Read More…]

Vijay Mallya fired from United Breweries board

India’s United Breweries has sacked “King of Good Times”, Vijay Mallya from the post of the non-executive chairman role following an order from the country’s market regulator late this Wednesday. The UB Group said the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has barred Mallya from holding key managerial roles[Read More…]

80% farmers suicide due to debt and loans from banks

Latest government data shows that 80 per cent of farmers killed themselves in 2015 because of bankruptcy or debts after taking hefty amount of loans from banks and registered microfinance institutions. Despite us thinking the money-lenders a big reason for the suicides, moneylenders are more flexible than the microfinance sector.[Read More…]

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