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Pakistani-American woman used bitcoin to finance IS

Pakistani-American woman used bitcoin to finance IS

New York, A Pakistani-American woman has admitted in a federal court to using Bitcoin to finance the Islamic State terror outfit through fronts in China, Pakistan and Turkey. Zoobia Shahnaz, 27, made the admission before Judge Joanna Seybert in the Central Islip federal court in New York state on Monday.[Read More…]

Currency Corner: Bitcoin – Tread with caution!

George Soros, the legendary hedge manager, once said that in the financial markets, it doesn’t matter whether one is right or wrong: What matters is how much money one makes when right and how much one loses when wrong. Investors who managed to catch Bitcoin early looks like geniuses and[Read More…]

Regulate Bitcoin to curb illegal transactions: RBI to Supreme Court

Bitcoin surges above $14,000 to new high

Bitcoin crossed $14,000 on Thursday, surging $2,000 in less than 24 hours, a new record high for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin began the year below $1,000 but continues its sharp rise despite warnings of a dangerous bubble, reports the BBC. It hit the latest milestone during early trading in Asia, according[Read More…]

Bitcoin: Approaching the 'big short' moment?

Bitcoin: Approaching the ‘big short’ moment?

Investors everywhere (this is not a problem specific to India) are notorious for jumping on the newest, shiniest bandwagons without necessarily understanding what lies underneath the hood. What is a problem specific to India is the dichotomy of its burgeoning investor community lining up with alacrity for their golden tickets,[Read More…]

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