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22 migrants flee to Canada after Trump’s travel ban

More than 22 migrants have bolted from the United States to Canada over the weekend. They sneaked through the border in Manitoba province to request asylum reported the authorities on Monday. Those fled are mostly from Africa who crossed the border overnight on Saturday. Eight others had arrived on Friday[Read More…]

Canada and Britain to cooperate against radicalisation

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and Theresa May, leading Uk, have taken an oath to counter all forms of radicalisation, Indian Express reported. May offered her condolences through a phone call, over the mosque shooting tragedy which shook Quebec on January 29 killing six innocents, according to the Canadian[Read More…]

Police bust organised theft ring, recovers a truckload of Nutella

Police in Canada’s Ontario have arrested an organised crime racket engaged in everything from stealing Nutella to importing drugs. York Police recently conducted a massive operation, dubbed as Operation Cyclone, which begun in March after two-high end cars were stolen from the York region driveway, Munchies reported. Police laid charges[Read More…]

Here’s all about Canada’s first hijab-clad news anchor!

Breaking the stereotypes, a Toronto-based television journalist Ginella Massa became Canada’s first anchor to don a Muslim head scarf at one of the city’s major news channel. Massa was asked to work on the anchor desk for CityNews’ 11 pm broadcast last week. But her appointment created a buzz after[Read More…]

Abortion: Whose choice is it anyway?

Ours is a young nation. Yes, our history goes back to the dawn of time but the story of the new generation is still being written. Our forefathers understood the importance of the opportunity that should be given to everyone without any discrimination to determine for themselves how they want[Read More…]

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