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Alka Lamba wants to quit party, finding reasons: AAP

BJP-ruled MCD charging illegal parking fee in Delhi: AAP

New Delhi: Delhi’s ruling AAP on Wednesday levelled charges of corruption against BJP for enforcing parking charges in private malls and hospitals despite court orders calling it illegal. The BJP-dominated Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is in-charge of most public parking places. Delhi’s north-eastern Lok Sabha in-charge Dilip Pandey said[Read More…]

Dilip Pandey attacks Kumar Vishwas on Twitter

Dilip Pandey attacks Kumar Vishwas on Twitter

In a tweet, former convenor of AAP, Delhi, Dilip Pandey, attacked AAP leader, Kumar Vishwas, on Tuesday, and said that ‘if you yell at Congressmen, why do you refuse to speak against Vasundhara in Rajasthan.’ Vishwas has recently been made the party in-charge for Rajasthan. भैया, आप कांग्रेसियों को ख़ूब गाली[Read More…]

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