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US becoming a Muslim-unfriendly country: Survey

US becoming a Muslim-unfriendly country: Survey

The United State is becoming an increasingly Muslim-unfriendly country, a survey released by the Pew Research Center revealed. The survey presented that nearly three-quarters of Muslims interviewed said that there was “a lot of discrimination against Muslims in the US.” Nearly two-thirds of them also said they were unsatisfied about[Read More…]

Adityanath must withdraw his ‘inflammatory’ statements: Amnesty International

A day after BJP leader Yogi Adityanath took charge of the most-populated state as chief minister, Amnesty International called for the public withdrawal of alleged inflammatory statements made in the past by the leader on Monday. “Adityanath has been one of Uttar Pradesh’s most polarising politicians, given to hateful rhetoric[Read More…]

Rising toll of caste-based discrimination in central universities, BHU tops the list

Out of all the central universities that recorded caste-based discrimination against Dalits in 2015-16, Benaras Hindu University tops the list. Unfortunately, BHU witnessed 19 cases of caste-based discrimination. The second being, Gujarat University with 18 complaints, according to the University Grants Commission (UGC). This, however, is not BHU’s first liability,[Read More…]

Barack Obama’s farewell speech: Talks about discrimination, democracy, equality and lot more!

US President Barack Obama began his farewell address amid deafening chants of “four more years.” The President in his departure speech, warned against everything from anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-women, anti-gay, pro-Russian to pro-rich sentiments that President-elect Donald Trump has publicly backed. Obama took up the stage in Chicago as the crowds[Read More…]

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