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Earthquake with 5.6 magnitude jolts Assam, tremors felt in other parts of Northeast

Earthquake of 8.1 magnitude hits Mexico, tsunami possible

Mexico was hit by a massive 8.1-magnitude earthquake late Thursday. At least three deaths have been reported and the officials have set off a tsunami warning. The impact of the quake was so strong that it caused buildings to sway violently in Mexico’s capital, more than 650 miles away. Residents[Read More…]

Tsunami warning issued after 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits Russia

Tsunami warning issued after 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits Russia

A powerful 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit 685 km in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy coast line, raising tsunami warnings in Russia on Tuesday. The earthquake happened at 05:04 AM (local time) with Kamchatka Krai peninsula being the epicenter. The quake followed several aftershocks before simmering down. However, no reports of loss of lives or[Read More…]

Earthquake in Western China claims eight lives

Eight people were killed and more than 20 were injured in a moderate earthquake that struck China on Thursday morning. It struck in Taxkorgan county, a remote mountaneous area bordering Tajikistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan in China’s Xinjiang region. According to The Xinjiang Earthquake Administration, more than 180 houses have collapsed.[Read More…]

Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 hit East Sikkim region

An earthquake of magnitude 4.6 hit the East Sikkim region late on Sunday midnight around 03:12 AM on Monday. Lately, a lot of earthquakes have been reported. On March 25, a moderate earthquake of magnitude 5.0 rocked India’s northeastern states and parts of Myanmar. The tremor was felt around 7[Read More…]

Nepal police destroy earthquake displaced camp

Nepal police devastated the largest remaining settlement of people displaced by a powerful earthquake that struck nearly two years ago on Wednesday. This move will leave over a hundred of people homeless. The camp which was home to a hundred families in Kathmandu was demolished when police used bulldozers to[Read More…]

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