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Currency Corner: Bitcoin – Tread with caution!

George Soros, the legendary hedge manager, once said that in the financial markets, it doesn’t matter whether one is right or wrong: What matters is how much money one makes when right and how much one loses when wrong. Investors who managed to catch Bitcoin early looks like geniuses and[Read More…]

Gold rate plunges to to Rs 29,100 per 10 grams

Gold rate plunges to Rs 29,100 per 10 grams

On Monday, the price of gold tumbled Rs 125 to Rs 29,100 per 10 grams. The fall in prices has happened amid tapering demand from local jewellers. Silver also slipped below Rs 39,000 mark by falling Rs 125 to Rs 38,950 per kg because of reduced purchase by industrial units[Read More…]

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