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North Korea warns that nuclear war may break anytime

North Korea and Pakistan: Nuclear rogue nations

India is one of the few countries in the world who is striving for peace development and security. It has always helped poor, underdeveloped, developing nations to strive for progress and peace. It conducted nuclear test only for its regional security and never violated any international norms or regulations. However,[Read More…]

Pakistan defence minister threatens to ‘nuke’ India

Pakistan is “ready” to use tactical devices against India, if it feels its safety is threatened. In a recent interview with a Pakistani TV channel SAMAA, Pakistani defence minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said that they won’t hesitate to annihilate India by these tactical weapons- a reference to nuclear weapons that Pakistan is[Read More…]

Pakistan may be building new nuclear site: Analysts

According to western defence experts Pakistan might be building a new uranium enrichment complex as observed by commercial satellite imagery. The analysis conducted by IHS Jane’s Intelligence review using satellite images says that construction of a new site in the town of Kahuta, some thirty kilometres east of Islamabad, provides fresh evidence of[Read More…]

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