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Short-height people in ICU at increased death risk

Short-height people in ICU at increased death risk

Toronto: Patients in intensive care units (ICUs) who are shorter in height are more likely to die in hospital than taller ones who have much better survival rates, finds a new study. The study showed that the average-height man’s odds of dying are just over 22 per cent, but that[Read More…]

Karnataka to launch ‘Treat All Policy’ for HIV patients

Karnataka is going to launch a ‘Treat All Policy’ on Wednesday considering just less than half of HIV patients are registered with anti retroviral therapy (ART) and receiving treatment. With the new policy at place, an additional 20,000 patients will be eligible for ART. Karnataka is among the eight high-prevalence[Read More…]

Kolkata hospitals reach out patients facing cash crunch

With the cash crunch presenting a serious problem to patients in making payments to the medical facilities for treatment received, most Kolkata hospitals in the city have come forward to help them by accepting cheques and debit or credit cards. Some hospitals in the city are also accepting undertaking in[Read More…]

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