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SECULARISM – What does that word mean to you?

SECULARISM – What does that word mean to you?

Academically, secularism is the separation of religion and state. It ensures religious groups don’t interfere in affairs of state, and the state doesn’t interfere in religious affairs. In the West, the word secular implies three things: freedom of religion, equal citizenship to each citizen regardless of his or her religion,[Read More…]

Why now more than ever do we need a secular India?

Why now more than ever do we need a secular India?

Indian democracy has been unique in encompassing the plurality of religion, giving freedom to practice religion, recognising it as an essential part of Indian psyche and yet never declaring a state religion. The nation’s constitution-makers took care to adopt the term to plural and multicultural Indian sensibilities. Our secularism is[Read More…]

I have no political dreams: Baba Ramdev

Word ‘Dharm-nirpekshta’ has no meaning: Baba Ramdev

New Delhi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Saturday said the word ‘dharm-nirpekshta’ (secular) is meaningless and those who use it are not aware of its true meaning. Speaking at the Times Lit Fest here, Ramdev said that the term they are looking for is ‘panth-nirpekshta’ (neutrality with respect to factions). “The[Read More…]

Ram is omnipresent, BJP trying to divert attention: Congress

Congress slams UP CM for calling secularism ‘biggest lie’

Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Tuesday slammed Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for his remark that “secularism is the biggest lie since Independence” and comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government with Ram Rajya. The party retorted, saying what the Chief Minister said was perhaps the biggest lie. Adityanath, on[Read More…]

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