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Thousands join anti-Trump protest across US

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in several cities across the US to protest the unexpected victory of Donald Trump. Protesters took into the streets in Manhattan on Wednesday night and converged on Trump tower in Midtown. In Los Angeles, protesters burned a Trump effigy at City hall and shutdown a section[Read More…]

What Trump’s America means to rest of the world

2016 election was the most divisive in the entire American political history. The campaign exposed the worst in US politics. Trump’s misogynistic and racist comments earned him global notoriety while DNC email leak and other allegations made Hillary untrustworthy. Trump’s victory will definitely tarnish America’s image and will transform the[Read More…]

Five-point plan for Americans in Trumpland

Documentary film maker Michael Moore, well known for the film Fahrenheit 9/11, has issued a five-point plan in Facebook for Americans struggling to come to term with Donald Trump’s victory. In mid-October Moore made an anti-Trump documentary titled Michael Moore in Trumpland , which is based on a one-man show[Read More…]

Donald Trump’s presidency shatter world markets

The unexpected victory of Republican nominee Donald Trump resulted a sharp decline in the international stock markets. American stock market index S&P 500 futures slipped as much as 5% following news that Trump pulled ahead of Hillary. Japan’s Nikkei stock index was down about 5%,crude oil slumped more than 3%[Read More…]

Trump to raise trade barriers, religious freedom on India visit, say officials

US Election: Trump inches closer to victory

Republican nominee Donald Trump has gained a clear edge over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the fight for the swing states (states where both parties have similar levels of support) as polls close across most of the US. Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump needed 270 electoral votes out of a[Read More…]

US election 2016: Record turnout in early voting

As America moves to elect its 45th president, lines snaking out of the polling station and around the block have been the reality for voters on election day. Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump Jr said his father will concede the result if they are “legit and fair.” Trump has repeatedly called[Read More…]

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