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What Trump’s America means to rest of the world

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2016 election was the most divisive in the entire American political history. The campaign exposed the worst in US politics. Trump’s misogynistic and racist comments earned him global notoriety while DNC email leak and other allegations made Hillary untrustworthy.

Trump’s victory will definitely tarnish America’s image and will transform the imperial power’s relationship with the rest of the world. The Economist made an observation on how Trump’s Presidency will affect the rest of the world.

The Economist said that America’s election of a weaker spirit as president will definitely rejoice Russia and also Trump’s victory discredits democracy and genuinely competitive election.

Similarly, China is also happy. China believes that the Trump’s contempt for the rules based international order America helped create would make him more willing to accept China as a regional hegemon.

Trump’s transactional view of security and his admiration for Putin has frightened America’s traditional NATO allies. Estonia, fearing an invasion from Russia, has begun encouraging its citizens to keep fire arms and training them in insurgency tactics.

Although Shindo Abe congratulated Trump on the victory, his presidency will deeply unnerve Japan. During the election campaign Trump accused Japan of free-riding America’s security guarantee and he suggested that Japan should develop their own nuclear weapons rather than depending on America. Many Japanese fear that Trump’s policy would lead to the American disengagement from the region.

Middle East also shares a common fear in a proclaimed Islamophobe’s presidency. Trump is unlikely to champion no-fly zones in Syria or call back troops from Iraq.

Israel will be happy in Trump’s presidency because he is less likely to interfere in building settlements and will not suggest concession to Palestinians.

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and Bashar-al-Asad,the strongmen in Middle East, whole heartedly supports Trump. Trump’s apathy in promoting human rights or democracy might be the factor which cheered those most.

Many Americans believes that the most dangerous American leader ever elected would leads to the end of the American dream.


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