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All you need to know about Nagaland State Lottery

Nagaland state government holds 3 lotteries per day.

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Nagaland Lottery Sambad December 15, Dear Moon Tuesday results to be announced at 4 PM

Unlike many other states in India, Nagaland state government permits selling and buying of lotteries in its state where they draw a morning, day and evening lottery as a part of their daily state scheme.

Few countries like France, England, United States, Spain etc permits lotteries while in India there are only 13 states which permit lotteries and one among them is Nagaland.  It has India’s first poker license and becomes the first Indian state to pass a law on the lottery.

The process of lottery totally depends on the count of winning numbers or count of possible numbers. Nagaland state government holds 3 lotteries per day where the person can spend their money and try their luck into the game. The results of these lotteries get drawn at 11:55 am, 04:00 pm and 8:00 respectively where the participants can check if the digits of their lottery ticket match with the one that has been enlisted as the winner of that particular lottery or not. If the number matches with the number enlisted online then the person wins a hefty amount.

The state lottery offers prize money on a weekly basis as:

  • 1st Prize 26.05 Lakhs/-
  • Cons. Prize 9500/-
  • (Remaining all serials)
  • 2nd Prize 9000/-
  • 3rd Prize 500/-
  • 4th Prize 250/-
  • 5th Prize 120/-

Nagaland state government also holds bumper lotteries from time to time for the citizens.

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