Brave Brazilian parrot returns home after surviving shootout, snakebite & abduction

Brave Brazilian parrot returns home after surviving shootout, snakebite & abduction

Sometimes there are incidents which make us think whether to call them lucky or unlucky. Something similar to this happened with an Amazonian parrot called Freddy Krueger who has now become an Internet sensation after returning back to the zoo from where it was stolen.

The parrot whose name is named after the iconic villain from Wes Craven’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ films is also regarded as the World’s luckiest parrot as it had previously survived a shootout and snakebite. The most recent was the abduction.

When the parrot was abducted on April 16 from the zoo in the southern city of Cascavel, he was recovering from a gunshot wound. A Brazil newspaper reported that zoo four years ago after he had survived a shootout between cops and gangsters.

The newspaper reported that the parrot was hit in the upper beak, blinded and suffered burns to the feathers that grow between the eyes.

Also, earlier this month, Freddy was bitten by a non-venomous snake. A few days later to it, he was abducted by three arms robbers. The robbers burst into the Cascavel zoo by overpowering the security guards. The robbers stole two parrots and gas of cylinder.

However, after all this, Freddy managed to return to the zoo and was found at the foot of the pine tree. Drops of blood were found on the cage of the bird but there are no reports about the current health of the parrot.  The zoo said that the mangled feathers might have saved the bird because there is a limited market for deformed parrots in Brazil.

Keeping in view the whole incident that happened with the bird, we are unsure whether he is luckiest or the unluckiest bird.

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