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Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad 2023: Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Chad

In December 1990, Déby overthrew the tyrannical former president, Hissèné Habré, by spearheading a coup d'état.

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Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad 2023 Activities, History, FAQs, Dates, and Facts About Chad

Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad 2023: Chad annually observes Freedom and Democracy Day on December 1 to commemorate Idriss Déby’s 1990 overthrow of Hissèné Habré’s regime of torture. Additionally, it signifies the day Déby ascended to the presidency of Chad. In December 1990, Déby overthrew the tyrannical former president, Hissèné Habré, by spearheading a coup d’état. Several rebellions and coup attempts against his authority were also averted. On days when schools and enterprises are closed, the general populace takes the day off.

Chad observes History of Freedom and Democracy Day.

Habré assumed the presidency of Chad in 1982, becoming the fifth leader of the country. He did, however, establish a regime that was characterized by severe abuse of power and oppression within eight years. Consistently violating the rights of the populace, he spied on individuals via secret police services, and frequently subjected to torture and execution of his adversaries. He was a convicted war criminal.

Rebellion against Habré’s autocratic regime erupted in the latter part of 1989. He was deposed on December 1, 1990, and the Chadian National Armed Forces (FANT) had already ceased operations at that point.

On December 3, 1990, the Patriotic Salvation Movement (M.P.S. ), an insurgent group with Libyan support and General Déby as its leader, unopposedly invaded N’Djamena, the capital of Chad. Three weeks ago, M.P.S. troops infiltrated Chad through the Sudanese border.

Following his deposition, Habré escaped to Senegal with $11 million in public funds.

The Senegalese police held him in house detention from 2005 until his apprehension in 2013. Human rights organizations allege he committed war crimes and atrocities against approximately 40,000 people during his eight-year presidency of Chad. The Human Rights Watch estimates that 1,200 people were murdered and 12,000 tortured, while a Chadian domestic commission says nearly 40,000 people were murdered and over two hundred thousand tortured.

Three months after the provisional government ended, a charter was ratified in Chad; Déby was sworn in as president on February 28, 1991. Over the course of thirty years, he was re-elected every five years until he died in 2021.

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FAQs for Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad

Is Chad a developing nation?

Human Development Index data from the United Nations places Chad as the seventh weakest nation globally. Approximately 80% of the populace resides in destitution.

What propels the economy of Chad?

Agriculture and oil fuel its economy. The majority of export earnings and government revenue are derived from oil. Cotton, gold, gum Arabic, sesame, and cattle comprise the majority of its non-oil exports. A significant portion of the population depends on subsistence agriculture and livestock husbandry.

The reason Chad is referred to as the “Babel Tower of the modern world”

Due to its rich cultural and linguistic diversity, Chad is commonly referred to as the “Babel Tower of the modern world.” It is home to more than one hundred languages and more than two hundred distinct ethnic groupings. Despite Arabic and French being the official languages, a significant proportion of the populace is proficient in two or more indigenous tongues.

Freedom and Democracy Day in Chad 2023 Activities

Go to Chad

Chad is a place of beauty that merits a visit in order to gain insight into the hardships that its citizens endured in order to shape the nation into what it is today. Visit notable tourist destinations while out and about, including the Musée National N’Djamena and Zakouma National Park.

Increase consciousness

Elucidate on the 1990 revolt that transpired in Chad and its consequential impact on the nation’s present sociopolitical and economic milieu. Engage in discourse on the correlation between contemporary geopolitical tensions and the nation’s past, and disseminate this information via social media.

Honor the distinctive Chadian culture

Experience all that Chad has to offer through sports and music. Diverse ethnic groups observe unique customs and rituals.

Five curious facts about Chad that will astound you

Grains constitute a staple.

At least once daily, the majority of the population consumes dishes composed of cereals such as millet, sorghum, and rice.

The place is called Lake Chad.

Chad derives its name from the country’s greatest wetland, Lake Chad.

Camel racing is a local favorite.

In Chad’s Tibesti Mountains, the Toubou people reside; camel racing is one of their most cherished activities.

Respected is the ‘kakaki’ musical instrument.

Phasing this musical instrument’s cadence earns the esteem of one in the community, as it represents authority.

It possesses a vast desert.

Situated in the northern region of Chad, the Sahara Desert encompasses an estimated one-third of the nation’s landmass.


Year Date Day
2023 December 1 Friday
2024 December 1 Sunday
2025 December 1 Monday
2026 December 1 Tuesday
2027 December 1 Wednesday


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