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Man lobbies RSS chief for becoming Rajya Sabha TV CEO

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Man lobbies RSS chief for becoming Rajya Sabha TV CEO
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In an attempt to ease the process of becoming the CEO of the Rajya Sabha TV, a man has written a letter to RSS chief, Mohan Bhagwat, requesting him to do so. In a long letter written by Nandan Jha, former CEO of News World India, he has requested the RSS chief to make him the head of the channel.

This is what the letter reads.

The Director,

This is in reference to my meeting with Mr Venkaiah Naidu and Mr Suryaprakash in regard to becoming the CEO of Rajya Sabha TV. They have assured me of my selection, given the fact that the name comes from the RSS family. As there was no qualified candidate, Prasar Bharti CEO, Shashi Shekhar, has been appointed as the acting CEO of Rajya Sabha TV.

However, there are other reasons too for me writing this letter. Over a month ago, Mr Vijay Rao and Mr Vipin had come over to my place, where we talked about Rajya Sabha TV. They had convinced me that they will speak to Mr Krishna Gopal about the same. 15 days ago, they spoke to him and asked me to meet him. I sent him a couple of messages but did not receive any response. When Mr Vipin asked me about my meeting with him, I told him that I couldn’t meet Mr Gopal. When Mr Vipin called up Mr Gopal and requested him to meet me once, he asked why was he requesting about me so much? Mr Gopal said that I was working for Mr Naveen Jindal. “He is the CEO of his news channel and he will be more inclined towards working for him.” Mr Vipin told this to me himself. 

This was nothing less than a shock for me. I cannot express my disappointment. I am working with full responsibility for central group of the National Seva Bharati.

I want to remind you of the Hinduvarsh Pratiprada (8 April 2016) when I had gone to meet Mr Subhash Chandra for a job.You had informed that I would work diligently. Mr Suhas Rao had asked me to meet Mr Subhash. As I was told that the director has himself spoken to Mr Subhash, there was no need for us to meet him directly. I waited for his call for four months but did not get any. Meanwhile Suhas Rao kept asking about the progress, to which I had no answer. 

That time I came to know that the post of Chief Executive Officer was vacant at New Delhi-based news channel, News World India. It was previously called Focus News. I came to Delhi for an interview and was chosen. Since then I had no experience of running a national news channel, I was given the responsibility of a business head. I was later made the CEO of the channel within 6 months. Moreover, Zee Vice President, who has been in this industry for more than 10 years, and Senior Vice President have been working under me. This channel is number 11 in the list of news channels in the country. During this time my channel interviewed a number of BJP leaders and RSS leaders. We publicised about their schemes as well. 

I realise that the time has come to return to my roots now. I want to participate in the harmony between the government and the unions. That is why I applied for the post of CEO of Rajya Sabha TV. You may be aware that despite a number of facilities, the channel has not been able to create popularity and earn a good TRP in the country.

I assure you of my full cooperation and contribution of my services in making of a New India.

Last year in October, I had gone to Nagpur along with my team members and publicised about the overall event. Mr Rao and Mr Deshpande are witnesses to it. Today, the whole country knows that News World India is being run by an RSS worker. Mr Amir Chand, Mr Siddhinath, Mr Sunil Deshpande, and Mr Arun Kumar will confirm that I have worked with full devotion and dedication..

But if the head official thinks of me like this, I do not wish to be selected for the post anymore. It was surprising when Mr Deshpande said that I had told Mr Gopal that Nandan will come to you and send his name for Rajya Sabha TV. I was told to meet Mr Gopal again. (I was about to cry. I was wondering how will I tell him that Mr Gopal considers me a ‘Congressman’). 

However, this is not the first time. If you may remember, almost a year ago, I had informed you about this at an event in Delhi.

There was also a time when the RSS officials could determine the worth of the volunteers by merely looking at their capabilities. However, today the same candidate is been viewed with a sense of doubt. It is very depressing for a volunteer to face this. Change is a good thing but if such a change can bring a distance between the officials and volunteers, it needs to be pondered upon. 

I feel proud and honoured that I have been guided by Sudarshanji, Rajju bhaiya and you. I am sure Mr Arun Kumar would recommend my name but Mr Krishna Gopal would not like to let a ‘Congressman’ take the position. 

I hope to seek your blessings all through my life.

Thanking You,
Nandan Jha