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Mumbai youth climbs 3 floors with sword to avenge mother’s insult

Taking anger to a different horizon, a Mumbai youngster tried to attack his neighbour to avenge an insult to his mother in a housing society at Bhayandar on Wednesday evening.

According to the police, the incident occurred at the sprawling Planetaria Complex in Bhayandar (west).

In a fit of rage, the Rizvi College student identified as Dhoni Gopal (20), picked up a sword – it was used for religious purposes in his house – after he learnt that his mother was slapped by a neighbouring woman following a petty quarrel.

He reached the woman’s house with the sword, but the neighbours refused to open the door. Undeterred, Dhoni climbed up to the third floor using the parapets.

Unable to enter her house, he coolly climbed down, but not before breaking the glass windows of the apartment. The crowd that gathered handed him over to the police. He was later arrested.

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