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National Bouillabaisse Day 2021: History, facts and why and how to celebrate this food day

What makes this stew unique are the herbs and spices.

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National Bouillabaisse Day 2021: History, facts and why and how to celebrate this food day

Happy National Bouillabaisse Day! Now say that three times fast. If you can’t, it’s okay you can still have fun and enjoy this French stew on December 14. Bouillabaisse traces its roots all the way back to ancient Greece, and has made its way to the U.S. with many variations, including simpler versions. The main components are fish, including eel and shellfish, vegetables, and the broth. What makes this stew unique are the herbs and spices. Also, the broth and fish are served separately, accompanied by sliced bread with a rouille spread (think garlic mayonnaise). Bon appétit!

Why Bouillabaisse Day?

The name may seem funny or difficult to pronounce for some of us, but it’s interesting how this amazing stew is simple and yet largely debated over!

Bouillabaisse is believed to have originated from Marseille, a port city in France around 600BC! Being a Greek colony back then, this stew was known as “kakavia”. The stew also has been part of Roman mythology where Venus serves the soup to Vulcan. Today it is one of the signature dishes of the Mediterranean!

The traditional preparation of this stew constituted the bony rockfish, orange zest, fennel seed, and saffron!

There’s a lot of debate going on in the culinary world about the ingredients that are needed to get this stew right! The disagreement starts with the type of fish whether to include European conger, red rascasse, or the sea robin and also over the type of wine! The origins of this soup are also largely debated on whether it was created by a Greek goddess or a fisherman who put the ingredients together?

It is also assumed that fishermen sold the bigger fish and used the shellfish and the common rockfish to prepare the stew. A variety of spices and herbs were added to enhance the flavor! It was not until the 17th century that vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, celery, and onions were added to the recipe!

Irrespective of all these debates, we can find chefs across the country preparing this authentic stew with fresh fish available to them!

If you want to give this dish an authentic touch, serve the fish and the stew separately with rice or other suitable sauces! You could also include other seafood of your choice!

This is a dish you mustn’t miss when you visit southern France!

History Of National Bouillabaisse Day:

The founder and origin of National Bouillabaisse Day remain unknown to our research until further findings! It is celebrated as an unofficial food holiday in the US!

How Can We Celebrate National Bouillabaisse Day?

There are many ways you can enjoy National Bouillabaisse Day! Here are a few to get your celebration started!

  • Make some Bouillabaisse!

If you cook regularly, put Bouillabaisse on the menu today! or If you are looking for a new dish to make, get your hands on this authentic seafood dish! Don’t forget to share this rich stew with friends and family!

  • Have Bouillabaisse from your favorite restaurant!

If you don’t have the time to prepare or the ingredients to make the stew, head to your favorite restaurants today and order your Bouillabaisse! You could also try the new versions of this stew to add some adventure to the day! It is recommended to have a simple one-course meal as the fish and the broth along with the rouille are rich foods and might not suit everyone’s body system! If your body seems to adjust then increase your meal course!

  • Create your version of Bouillabaisse today!

If you are passionate about creating new recipes, here’s your opportunity to get creative with Bouillabaisse today!share your new recipe on social media, who knows you could become the next master chef!

  • Learn more about Bouillabaisse’s history!

Learning never ends and it’s a virtue to have a teachable heart! So put on your reading hat and explore the history of Bouillabaisse and everything else you would want to know about it!

  • Show your love for Bouillabaisse on social media!

Give this authentic stew a shoutout on social media and encourage friends and family to have Bouillabaisse as well today!

Interesting Facts About National Bouillabaisse Day:

  • The Bouillabaisse gets its name due to the procedure and not because of its ingredients!
  • A traditional Bouillabaisse is typically prepared with three kinds of fish – European conger, sea robin, and the red rascasse. It could include seafood such as mussels, shellfish, or crabs too!
  • The herbs and spices used in the Bouillabaisse are what distinguishes it from other fish soups!
  • The recipe today is traced back to fishermen in Marseille, who cooked the bony rockfishes as they were bonier and were not suitable for restaurants!