Odisha: Professor sacked for speaking against war with Pakistan after Pulwama attack

Odisha: Professor sacked for speaking against war with Pakistan after Pulwama attack

Bhubaneswar: An Assistant Professor of a renowned private university, Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT), had to lose her job for a statement during a live TV debate on the Pulwama Attack in which she said that India should not go to war with Pakistan.

Madhumita Ray, a teacher in Development Theory and Practice and Sociology at School of Rural Management, KIIT, appeared on a Kanak News discussion on February 18. After Ray strongly spoke against the idea of a war with Pakistan, she was asked to quit in 24 hours.

According to a report by The Wire, Ray said that the TV channel had invited her for the 10 pm show along with an army colonel. The colonel according to Ray was talking in favor of a war with Pakistan. To this, Ray had told that in 70 years, we have fought many wars with Pakistan and they have never solved anything. All over the world, wars are fought and they don’t solve anything.

“I preferred resigning to having my freedom of speech and expression curbed, so I resigned. I was told that I had to leave within 24 hours, even though I am a regular employee and my contract says I have a notice period of one month. I was asked for a resignation, which I submitted.”, was quoted as saying by The Wire. Ray further added that, “The next morning I got a message saying my resignation had been accepted, and within 15 minutes I had a man from HR in my room asking me to sign the relieving letter. I did not want to engage with anyone after that, so February 21 was my last day”

Apparently, the founder of KIIT, Achyuta Samanta, is a Biju Janta Dal leader and a Rajya Sabha MP from Odisha. While, Kanak News, the media house which organised the discussion, is owned by another BJD Rajya Sabha MP Soumya Patnaik.

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