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One Piece Episode 1074 Release Date & What To Expect

Raizo and Jimbei use their water-controlling and water-redirecting abilities to extinguish the flames that endanger the alliance members.

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One Piece Episode 1074 Release Date

One Piece Episode 1074 Release Date: Episode 1073 of One Piece lacked the thrill of previous episodes, but Luffy’s lightning-grabbing moment and the events on Onigashima stood out.

Raizo and Jimbei use their water-controlling and water-redirecting abilities to extinguish the flames that endanger the alliance members.

The focus shifts back to Luffy and Kaido, who are both determined to end their battle and influence the future of Wano, but their skills and stamina will determine the outcome.

Episode 1073 of One Piece featured a moderate amount of action. Unlike the previous Gear 5 episodes, this one felt a bit lacklustre, but that was mainly due to the unremarkable manga chapter that it adapted. The highlight of the episode was when Luffy grabbed a lightning discharge. Episode 1073 of One Piece also chronicled the events occurring on Onigashima. The rapid spread of the flames within the castle presented a grave threat to the lives of the alliance members. As most of the characters were exhausted from their battles, it appeared increasingly difficult to contain the fire.

Nevertheless, Raizo and Jimbei still had fuel in their canisters. The ninja reflected on his failure to save Oden and realised he could not allow a similar situation to occur again. Therefore, he used a scroll containing a great deal of water. As anticipated, the water flow began to overwhelm the fire, but it lacked the necessary direction to effectively extinguish the flames. This specific responsibility fell on Jimbei’s shoulders. This was the ideal opportunity for the Fish-Man, who is skilled at manipulating water.

Jimbei redirected the water flow, and it flushed every crevice and cranny of the castle, preventing the alliance from being destroyed by the flames.Yamato advised Momonosuke elsewhere that he must generate flame clouds to keep Onigashima afloat; otherwise, the entire Flower Capital would be obliterated. At the conclusion of the episode, the focus returned to Luffy and Kaido. While Kaido was standing, Luffy was in the air holding a lightning discharge. The look in both combatants’ irises indicated that they were prepared to end the contest.

One Piece Episode 1074 Release Date

The release date for One Piece Episode 1074 is September 3, 2023. There will be a one-week break before the next thrilling episode of the anime airs. It bears the title “Believe in Momo – Luffy’s Final Big Move.” It is clear from the title that Luffy and Momonosuke will be at the centre of events. At the outset of the Wano Country arc, the majority of fans despised Momonosuke for his spoiled behaviour. Even though he desired vengeance against Kaido, he never exhibited the same level of determination as Luffy and the others. This was primarily the result of the childhood trauma he endured. However, as he became more invested in the plot, he was able to win over the supporters.

Momonosuke’s resolve has significantly strengthened, to the point where he pleaded with Shinobu to age him using her abilities. Additionally, he has become trustworthy and is willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. Currently, Momonosuke has a comparable task to that of Luffy. If he fails to create the flame clouds, innumerable lives will be lost. Momonosuke has not completely developed, but Yamato is by his side. He won’t allow Momonosuke to falter and will continue to encourage him.

Luffy, on the other hand, is responsible for stopping Kaido. The Yonko has terrorised the citizens of Wano for over two decades, and it is time for the Supernova to put a stop to it. Luffy’s Gear 5 has provided him with a much-needed boost and allowed him to battle Kaido on an even playing field. The Yonko was stunned upon seeing Luffy’s new power. Kaido had fought in numerous conflicts, but he had never witnessed anything like Gear 5. The transformation of Luffy altered the course of the battle and made the young pirate the favourite to triumph.

However, Gear 5 has vulnerabilities that Kaido can exploit to swing the balance in his favour. Gear 5 seems to rapidly deplete stamina. This means that the Supernova is incapable of sustained combat. Typically, Kaido would have attempted to prolong the fight so that Luffy’s Gear 5 would expend his entire stamina. However, the Yonko has been fighting for an extended period of time, and he cannot continue to prolong the fight because he is also on his last legs.

In upcoming episodes, it appears that both Luffy and Kaido will seek to end their rivalry. Obviously, the outcome of their conflict will determine the future of Wano and the rest of the world. Kaido is the World’s Strongest Creature, so Luffy may be the current favourite, but it would be foolish to rule him out. Yonko has accumulated years of experience, so he must have something in mind to counter Luffy and his Gear 5.

Where To Look

Kanjuro using water to extinguish the flames in Episode 1074 of One Piece.

Episode 1074 of One Piece will be streamable on Crunchyroll. The episode will be available on the website shortly after it airs in Japan. The audio will be in Japanese, with English subtitles. There is currently no release timetable for the dub.