PUBG Mobile 0.10.5 update to bring better loot distribution, new weathers and more

PUBG Mobile Vikendi map: Release date, new weapons and other features

PUBG is slated to release the Vikendi map for Mobile, PC, XBox One and PlayStation 4, although Tencent Games have confirmed release date only for the mobile version of the game. The Battle Royale game’s newest map is expected to introduce the snowmobile, besides new game modes and challenges.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi map: Expected release date-

The PUBG Mobile Vikendi Snow Map release date is December 20 and the start time and date is 5:30am IST on December 21 when it would be available for matchmaking, according to a tweet from the official PUBG Mobile account.

PUBG Mobile will receive its fourth map, the Vikendi snow map, within this week. This means that the Battle Royale game now has four maps: Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and Vikendi.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi map: New features-

  • As driving regular automobiles would be difficult under the terrain, PUBG will introduce the two-seater snowmobile under the Vikendi map.
  • G36C assault rifle will replace the SCAR assault rifle.
  • Players will have a unique experience with red zone and blue zone. While the blue zone in the Vikendi map will be slower than that of other maps, the center of the red zone will spawn outside of the play zone and the smaller the play zone, the smaller will be the red zone.
  • New Parachute system to glide or dive during freefall, improved animations and cut your chute before hitting the ground.
  • Players will be able to throw snowballs while waiting in the starting area to board the plane.
  • Vehicles will be more slippery in snow and icy areas. Acceleration on icy terrain will be slow while you will lose vehicle control as you speed up.
  • Footprints and vehicle tracks will be visible in PUBG Vikendi Snow Map as players travel in snowy areas which will help in identifying whether enemies have passed by recently. Although these footprints and tracks won’t stay around forever.
  • PUBG Mobile players can report suspicious behavior while spectating after dying.
  • The official Survivor Pass on Vikendi microsite will be available starting from December 19, 2018, while it will launch on live servers. The duration of the pass will be 10 weeks.

While all these additions for PUBG Mobile will come with version 0.10.0 update which is around 2 GB size for android and apple users, a display for Crew Challenge winners on Erangel’s Spawn Island will also be added.

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