Salman Khan will be banned if he work with Mika Singh: FWICE

Salman Khan will be banned if he works with Mika Singh: FWICE

After his performance last week in Karachi last week, Bollywood singer Mika Singh was recently banned by All India Cine Workers Association and Federation of Western India Cine Employees.

Despite knowing growing Indo-Pak tension especially with the removal of article 370, Mika decided to perform at the wedding festivities of former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf’s daughter’s billionaire cousin.

Strict notices by AICWA and FWICE have issued to everyone including actors to technicians to stop associating with Mika in any way.

The troubles are ahead for Salman Khan as he has Mika Singh on board for an upcoming concert which is well planned in advance. This would surely leave bhaijaan in a fix.

For the uninitiated, a 6-city gig across the US titled Up, Close and Personal with Salman Khan has been scheduled for next week. The gig has been organized by Sohail Khan’s event management team with Jordy Patel of JA Events in India and Bhavesh Patel in the US and Singh is a part of the Houston show that is scheduled for August 28.

A media portal got in touch with Jordy where he said “We are only dealing with Bhavesh Patel as our contract is with him. Some local promoter in the US must have signed on Mika and added him to the line-up. Salman will have nothing to do with Mika at the event. They will not even interact on stage.” When prodded about Mika promoting the concert details on social media, the spokesperson added, “Mika must be using Salman’s name to promote himself, which everyone in the industry does.”

Ashok Dubey, the general secretary at FWICE firmly stated that irrespective of how big the star is, if someone works with Mika despite the ban then that actor too will be banned from the industry. He said in a statement “If we impose a ban, it means all our technicians — including actors, directors, and even spot boys — will not work with Mika. If someone works with Mika during this ban, say Salman or anyone else, then he too will be banned. Whether it’s an organizer from the US or any other country, we cannot stop anybody from conducting an event. Our policy is simple, we will not work with the person who has been banned.”

However, Mika Singh is all set to meet the members of FWICE today and the concert will depend on what the board decides.

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