Shabana Azmi slams Modi biopic's makers

Shabana Azmi trolled for posting this basic Mathematical calculation as “Amazing”

Actress Shabana Azmi is highly appreciated for her acting skill but looks like her fans are little disappointed with her ‘common sense’, or to be specific, her “mathematical skills.”

Recently, the veteran actress Shabana was trolled by the netizens over her post she shared on Twitter on Friday October 26. Shabana tweeted an image which explains a basic mathematical concept of a person’s current age and the date of birth summing together being equal to the current year. Shabana seemed to be quite surprised to realise this calculation and shared the tweet with the caption, “Amazing!!!”

Although for the leisure time it might be fun for few to scroll down the Twitter feeds and read such hilarious posts irrespective of the fact that one might not agree to the content. However, the Twitter army couldn’t stop from laughing out at Shabana.

Here’s how the netizens reacted to her post –

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