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MAMI drops AIB, Rajat Kapoor's films from fest's line-up

#MeToo Movement: Hotstar cancels “On Air with AIB Season 3”

Indian digital and mobile entertainment platform Hotstar has cancelled “On Air with AIB Season 3” after reports emerged of All India Bakchod (AIB) comedy group members involved in a sexual harassment case in the ongoing #MeToo movement which is being called India’s MeToo movement.   pic.twitter.com/NNVU3tLcz7 — Hotstar (@hotstartweets) October 8, 2018

The fault in our social media stars

The fault in our social media stars

Offlate, the world wide web has been infested with a new type of men. The type that attends ‘Pride Marches’, attends your local stand-up gigs, band performances or experimental theatre. It is easy to spot them. They are usually the ones who wear t-shirts with a huge ‘The future is[Read More…]

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