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The fault in our social media stars

A deafening silence has ensued from men on what seems to be India’s #MeToo movement as women are calling out men from all sectors.

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The fault in our social media stars

Offlate, the world wide web has been infested with a new type of men. The type that attends ‘Pride Marches’, attends your local stand-up gigs, band performances or experimental theatre. It is easy to spot them. They are usually the ones who wear t-shirts with a huge ‘The future is women’ sticker on it. They are the ones who will slid in your DMs and tell you how awesome you are for no apparent reason. They will participate in social media fights and side with the women, call out men and make them as revered as the second calling of Christ.

These men will want to meet you for beers in the newly launched breweries and for coffees in roasteries. They won’t mind for those long walks on the beach where they will proceed to tell you about a toxic ex who made them not believe in commitments and love anymore. But hey, you are special to them and they love your company. The conversations may often to lead to instances where they will share how broken they are and just want to lie in bed naked with you. Sending nudes to them would lighten up their day after having a rough day at a start-up they recently joined.

Sending their dick pics makes them feel super close to you and the next best thing after red velvet cupcakes is to lie naked with you.

These men are the ones who will forcibly kiss you after getting drunk but will gaslight you into thinking that you were giving them the signals all night long. They will be the ones to slid their hands down your clothes once you are alone with them, because why not they want to feel closer to you, is it? These are the men who will forcibly want to drop you home and then turn up unannounced in the area where you live. It all sounds too familiar, isn’t it?

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For a long time since Facebook and Twitter became easy ways for people to socialize, women were asked to ignore the messages they get in their others’ folders from strange men. These men were easily disliked as they were the ‘frandship moochers’, uncouth and vernacular. But whoever warned the women to ward off the smooth-talking, verbose and articulate men from the liberal colleges and universities? Whoever warned women about these woke men writing poems on feminism? Whoever warned women about the comics who jumped onto the feminism bandwagon after making a living on sexist and misogynist jokes?

If a man is not feminist, he has lost understanding of gender equality: Rhea

Whoever warned women from men who however woke they appeared, operated and roamed around in their frat boy clubs and ensured that the women participatinn in open mics was only token? Whoever warned women that the men jumping in to defend them during a fight with a conservative man held equally regressive and reprehensible views in real life? A large number of women have been let down by men, not in the others’ folder, but by men in their friends’ list.  A larger number of women have been assaulted, sexually violated and abused by woke men who have made fortunes by being ‘woke’. A deafening silence has ensued from men on what seems to be India’s #MeToo movement as women are calling out men from all sectors.

Most of the men at the risk of ruining their careers don’t want to take on the big bad boys, while some want to support their bros to death. Others are unaffected. They move on from one victim to another, till they get caught.

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