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Humanity is attached dead

Humanity is dead

As I sit by the window of my office, perched on the fourth floor of one of Pune’s busiest commercial areas,  I observe a little girl  around 9 years old in her school uniform, with a packet of chips, run along the newly constructed footpath and as I smile at[Read More…]

Malaysia refuses to criminalise child marriage

In Malaysia, which is Muslim-majority country, a law on sexual offences against children has been passed. However, to our surprise, it doesn’t criminalise child marriage. A Malaysian MP said girls as young as nine were “physically and spiritually” ready for marriage. Shabudin Yahaya, a member of the Barisan Nasional coalition,[Read More…]

Brad Pitt under investigation by LAPD for child abuse

Brad Pitt is under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) for allegedly getting verbally abusive and physical with his children. It has been learned that the incident happened when Brad, Angelina and their kids were on a private plane last week. Pitt was allegedly drunk at the time of the incident.[Read More…]

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