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Chhattisgarh BJP’ official website hacked by Pakistani hackers

Iran-based group behind ‘unprecedented’ global hacking: FireEye

San Francisco, Iran-based cyber criminals are likely behind a sophisticated “unprecedented” hacking campaign targeting entities across the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and North America, according to US cybersecurity firm FireEye. The researchers at FireEye have identified a wave of DNS (Domain Name System) hijacking that has affected dozens[Read More…]

90% malware spread through spam in 2018: F-Secure

90% malware spread through spam in 2018: F-Secure

New Delhi: Global cybersecurity firm F-Secure on Tuesday said spam emerged as the most common method for cybercriminals to spread malware in 2018, accounting for nine out of every 10 infection attempts throughout the year. Spam campaigns disguised as delivery notifications or online shopping invoices have been popular with cybercriminals[Read More…]

Cybersecurity: PowerGhost targets corporate networks in India

New Delhi: A new crypto-currency miner, dubbed PowerGhost, is targeting corporate networks in India and several other regions in the world, according to new research from Russia-based cybersecurity company Kaspersky Lab. PowerGhost uses multiple fileless techniques to discreetly gain a foothold in corporate networks, meaning that the miner does not store[Read More…]

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