WhatsApp fake news: Delhi based professor working on app to fix problem
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WhatsApp fake news: Delhi based professor working on app to fix problem

In the wake of increased crime due to the circulation of fake WhatsApp videos and images, a Delhi based Professor Ponnurangam Kumaraguru and his team is working on a machine-learning based solution. If the experiment goes successful, it is believed that the fake videos and images could be identified with the help of the machine. WhatsApp has also been asked repeatedly to take measures to fix the problem as the cases of mob lynching due to the spread of fake WhatsApp messages is continuously on rise.

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WhatsApp being the instant messaging platform outreaches the highest number of people in a flash making it the most ideal platform to spread news or information whether it is authentic or fake. WhatsApp is also taking initiatives to restrict the fake videos and images from getting viral.

Ponnurangam  Kumaraguru is an Associate Professor at the Indraprastha Institute of Technology (IIIT) Delhi. He is also a Founding Head of Cybersecurity Education and Research Centre (CERC). He has been working on an application which can identify the fake messages on WhatsApp. The new application is believed to be launched in a couple of month’s period. The application will be proficient in identifying the fake videos, images, voice recordings as well as text messages.

The professor’s team has requested users to send messages to them in order to collect data sets which will be used to analyse and test the application. A similar application for other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter is also being built.

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