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SBI leaves server unprotected; leaks bank balance and other details of million customers

In a shocking incident reported, India’s largest bank – State Bank of India, leaked sensitive details such as bank balance and bank account number of million of its customers. The bank apparently forgot to secure a server that was hosting sensitive information of millions of its customers. The server was in one of its Mumbai installations.[Read More…]

Details of 100 mn users stolen in massive Quora data breach

Details of 100 mn users stolen in massive Quora data breach

San Francisco: Personal information of over 100 million Quora users including their name, email address and encrypted passwords have been compromised, the California-based popular question-and-answer platform said. “Questions and answers that were written anonymously are not affected by this breach as we do not store the identities of people who[Read More…]

Aadhaar data has been leaked, admits government

The Modi government for the first time has formally acknowledged that the personal identity of individuals, including Aadhaar number and other sensitive information, has been leaked. In a letter written by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology confirms the data breach as per a report in the New Indian[Read More…]

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