Quora.com breached! Hackers stole 100 million users' password data

Quora.com breached! Hackers stole 100 million users’ password data

In a year which has gone through multiple data breaches, Quora.com, a question-answer website, has shared the reports of a breach of as many as 100 million user passwords.

In a blog post shared on by the company’s co-founder of the website Adam D’Angelo, it was said that on Friday, the company discovered the compromising of access of multiple accounts when a third party app gained unauthorized access.

The details that could be leaked include: 
1. Account information such as user name, e-mail address, encrypted (hashed) password.
2. Public content like questions, comments, upvotes.
3. Direct messages

Quora is currently in the process of notifying the users whose data might have been compromised.

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