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Sensex down 150 points, rupee at 73

Despite falling rupee, India in exceptional period of stability: Finance Ministry official

As the Indian rupee plunged to a fresh record low of 70.60 to a US dollar on Wednesday, a top government official said there is no need to be alarmed as despite the short-term volatility, the country is going through “an exceptional period of stability”. The official said if one takes the long-term view, the rupee is not depreciating[Read More…]

Arun Jaitley leaves behind a rich and chequered legacy

All existing protections retained while consolidating PPF Act: Finance Ministry

New Delhi: The central government on Wednesday said that “all existing protections” have been retained while consolidating the Public Provident Fund (PPF) Act under the proposed Government Savings Promotion Act. The development comes a day after the central government proposed to merger separate acts on small savings, PPF and government savings[Read More…]

GST, World Bank rank, Moody's upgrade major events of 2017: Finance Ministry

GST, World Bank rank, Moody’s upgrade major events of 2017: Finance Ministry

New Delhi: Implementing the GST, the improvement in India’s World Bank ease of doing business rankings, the sovereign rating upgrade by US agency Moody’s and bank recapitalisation all contributed to make 2017 a historic year, the Finance Ministry said on Monday. Besides, the cleansing of the financial system instrumentalised by demonetisation[Read More…]

States abolish check posts after GST rollout

22 states abolish check posts after GST rollout

Just three days after the GST rollout, as many as 22 states have removed check posts. With the implementation of Goods and Services Tax GST, states such as Delhi, West Bengal and Maharashtra have abolished check-posts; while states, including Assam, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and some north-eastern states, are also in[Read More…]

GST rates

83 services exempted from GST

The Goods and Services (GST) Council agreed on the fitment of almost every commodity in the various tax slabs under the new tax regime, which will be rolled out on July 1. Milk, cereals (unpackaged and unbranded), and jaggery will be exempt from GST, while sugar, tea, coffee (except instant),[Read More…]

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