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Shaktikanta Das appointed new RBI governor

Banks to use indelible ink to prevent multiple cash withdrawals

In a surprising move, the Finance Ministry on Tuesday announced that it will use indelible ink like during elections to prevent people from making more than the permissible number of times cash withdrawal from bank counters. Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanda Das said that banks would start using indelible ink to[Read More…]

BJP MPs stall demonetisation draft report by Parliamentary Committee

Don’t panic, your hard earned money is safe: Govt

Finance Ministry on Friday said there is no need to panic and depositing junked ₹ 500 or 1,000 notes of up to ₹ 2.50 lakh in bank accounts will not be reported to the tax department. It also cautioned people against depositing the money of unknown people in their own[Read More…]

New liquidity requirement for NBFCs credit positive: Moody's

Finance Ministry questions Moody’s rating methods

The Finance Ministry on Thursday challenged the methods used by Moody’s rating system to evaluate a country’s investor worthiness. India’s sovereign rating by Moody’s stands at ‘Baa3’, the lowest investment grade — just a notch above ‘junk’ status. On Tuesday, Moody’s called India’s reform process slow and gradual with muted[Read More…]

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