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At least 3 US troops killed in Syria blast

At least 3 US troops killed in Syria blast

Beirut, The Islamic State terror organisation on Wednesday claimed responsibility for a bomb attack in a Syrian city under US-backed Kurdish control that killed at least three American troops, according to US officials quoted in a report from the Dow Jones Newswires supplied to EFE. Local media and the UK-based[Read More…]

US begins withdrawing troops from Syria, claims victory over IS

US begins withdrawing troops from Syria, claims victory over IS

Washington: The Donald Trump-led US administration announced that it has started returning US troops home from Syria after claiming a victory in the fight against the Islamic State (IS) without revealing any detailed timetable. “We have started returning US home as we transition to the next phase of this campaign,”[Read More…]

Opinion: Rahul Gandhi has to choose his words with care

Opinion: Rahul Gandhi has to choose his words with care

By Amulya Ganguli Rahul Gandhi has had another of his escape-velocity-of-Jupiter moments. His reference to the massive gravitational force of the solar system’s largest planet was in the context of “explaining” how much velocity was required by a spacecraft to lift itself from the surface of Jupiter compared to what was[Read More…]

Iraqi forces take back key town south of Mosul

In the quest to wrest back control over the city of Mosul, Iraqi forces retook a key southern town from the Islamic State group on Monday, reports AFP. The news agency reported that federal police, army and elite interior ministry forces established full control over Hamam al-Alil, the last town[Read More…]

Islamic State claims responsibility for Quetta terror attack

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack on police academy in Quetta that killed more than 60 policemen and wounded more than 100 on Tuesday. “Militants came directly into our barrack. They just barged in and started firing point blank. We started screaming and running around in the barrack,”[Read More…]

London couple admits funding nephew working for IS

A married couple from London have admitted providing funding for their nephew who was fighting in Syria with militants from the Islamic State. Mohammed and Nazimabee Golamaully pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey court to transferring 219 pounds to Zafirr Golamaully, who had travelled from his home in Mauritius to[Read More…]

US issues travel advisories for its citizens travelling abroad

The US on Saturday has issued a worldwide caution for its citizens travelling abroad, including India, in view of the increased threat from terror groups such as Islamic state, Haqqani network, Lashkar-e-Taiba and the Taliban. “Current information suggests that terrorist groups continue to plan attacks in multiple regions,” the state[Read More…]

Horror has struck again: President Hollande

The state of emergency has been extended for three more months in France following the fresh terror attack in Nice, which has killed 80 now. 18 people are in intensive care. A truck loaded with weapons and hand grenades was driven at high speeds through crowds celebrating Bastille Day. According[Read More…]

Bangladesh PM slams media for airing terror attack

The terrorist attack, claimed by the Islamic State, in the diplomatic region of Dhaka has ended. Six terrorists were killed and 18 hostages rescued. One terrorist has been captured. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina affirms the country’s fight against terror. “What kind of humans are these, who are killing other[Read More…]

Istanbul airport attack: 41 dead, 147 injured

Three heavily armed terrorists opened fire in the international arrivals lounge at Istanbul Ataturk airport, leaving 41 dead and over 150 injured. Surveillance videos confirm they had suicide vests on; one blast brought down part of the ceiling under which taxis were waiting. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim released a[Read More…]

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