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Maldives' President-elect invites Modi to attend oath-taking

Maldivian election: Will India cut China to size in Maldives after Yameen is gone?

This must be a presidential election result in the Maldives for which India would be waiting for a long. As even without waiting for the Maldivian Election Commission’s confirmation on opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s victory, New Delhi rushed to promptly welcome the outcome of the polls. “We heartily congratulate[Read More…]

Maldives The State with Beauty and Beast

Maldives The State with Beauty and Beast

Maldives is the most iconic archipelago in the world: famous for its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters and called as Tourist “paradise”. With its population of just 345,000, is becoming famous for recruitment of Jihadis to Islamic State (IS), Military Coup, Political uncertainty, the arrest of Supreme Court Judges, Political Activists,[Read More…]

Liberal Maldives blogger stabbed to death

A liberal blogger was stabbed to death on Sunday in the politically motionless Maldivian capital Male. Yameen Rasheed was found injured in the stairwell of his apartment. He had multiple stab wounds on is neck and chest and he passed away shortly after he was taken to the hospital to[Read More…]

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