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Feast of Saint Vartan 2024 (Armenia): History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts

Feast of Saint Vartan 2024 in Armenia honors Armenian military strategist, who led the nation during the Battle of Avarayr, protecting Armenians' freedom to practice Christianity.

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Feast of Saint Vartan 2024 (Armenia) History, FAQs, Dates, Activities, and Facts About Armenia

Feast of Saint Vartan 2024 (Armenia): This year, February 28 marks the Feast of Saint Vartan, which is commemorated on the Thursday of the eighth week before Easter. It is commemorated in Armenia in honor of the Armenian military strategist who commanded the nation’s forces during the Battle of Avarayr in 451. Despite the Sasanian Empire’s efforts to convert the land’s inhabitants to Zoroastrianism, the decisive conflict, in which he perished, successfully protected the Armenians’ freedom to practice Christianity. Despite its significance, the Feast of Saint Vartan does not qualify as a public holiday, and the majority of the working population continues to observe it as a typical workday.

Feast of Saint Vartan History

According to Armenian mythology, Saint Vartan, an alternative name for Vardan Mamikonian, was a progeny of Saint Sahag. According to reports, his ancestry can be traced back to Saint Gregory the Illuminator. Despite his familial lineage, he opted to pursue a military career rather than enter the priesthood. Subsequently, he ascended to the rank of Mamikonian clan chief and earned the esteem of the Persian monarch as the principal commander of the Armenian legions. In addition to being a steadfast and formidable combatant, he was a devout Christian.

Despite the Persians’ initial acceptance of Armenian Christianity, they started to reassess their stance as the Armenians exhibited a growing fervor for the faith. Ultimately, under the influence of King Yazdegerd II, the Armenian people were subjected to hefty taxes and coercion to forsake their religion in favor of Zoroastrianism. As a result, the conflict that followed was called the Battle of Avarayr.

The Battle of Avarayr took place on the Avarayr Plain on June 2, 451. Ardent Vartan presided over the Armenian army. Despite his martyrdom and the Persian forces’ eventual victory, it was a pyrrhic triumph. Scholars recognized it as one of the earliest conflicts fought in defense of the Christian faith. As a result of his participation in the conflict, Saint Vartan became a national icon. Arshag Chobanian’s analysis regards Vartan as the most venerated and symbolic figure in Armenian history, personifying the national spirit. Yerevan, the metropolis of Armenia, has dispersed monuments honoring the martyr.

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Feast of Saint Vartan 2024 (Armenia) FAQs

Who is Armenia’s patron saint?

Saint Gregory, the Prosecutor-Saint.

Who introduced Armenia to Christianity?

Saint Gregory converted the Arsacid monarch Tiridates III to Christianity, thereby introducing the religion to Armenia.

What did biblical Armenia go by the name of Armenia?

Later renamed Hayastan, Hayk.

Observing the Feast of Saint Vartan

Consider the Battle of Avarayr.

Significant events transpired during the Battle of Avarayr in Armenian history. Make the most of the day by studying its effects on the history of Armenia.

Gain knowledge of Armenian history

St. Vartan stands for several Armenian values, and the country has a rich cultural heritage. Should you feel so inclined, consult a reference.

Explore Armenia

While not designated as a national holiday, religious observances persist on the Feast of Saint Vartan in remembrance of the martyr. You ought to consider embarking on a journey to the country.

Five Interesting Armenia Facts

The Christian faith

Armenia was the first country to formally recognize Christianity as its state religion.

The alphabet

Armenia possesses a unique orthography.

The Yerevan

The people established Yerevan, the metropolis of Armenia, in 782 B.C.

The game chess

A required course of study in Armenian institutions is chess.

A monoethnic group

Armenia stands as one of the few monoethnic nations on the planet.


Year Date Day
2024 February 8 Thursday
2025 February 27 Thursday
2026 February 12 Thursday