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Is Sridevi in Mom going to be the new age Mother India?

Is Sridevi in Mom going to be the new age Mother India?

The intense thriller that releases this Friday seems all set to deconstruct the mother image sanctified by the 1957 Nargis epic. Sridevi’s upcoming thriller, Mom, has been grabbing headlines for the choicest of reasons. It happened again recently when the Censor Board certified the film U/A without a single snip.[Read More…]

Sridevi back on screen, 'Mom' trailer is out!

Sridevi back on screen, ‘Mom’ trailer is out!

After a gap of five years, veteran actress Sridevi is making a comeback in Bollywood with Ravi Udaywar’s upcoming film, ‘Mom’. The trailer of the film was released on Saturday and looks quite intriguing. Tweets expressing thrill about the trailer are constantly pouring in. The film seems to be a[Read More…]

My faith wavered, hers didn’t

Can you please wear green colour on Thursday and wear this particular gemstone on this finger because your janampatri says it would help you? Also getting totally exasperated when she sees me not following her instructions but yet letting me be. In the same breath, telling me how tired I[Read More…]

Wind beneath my wings

preeI remember it as if it was yesterday. I was 11 years old, in the sixth grade. My class teacher said I was the devil’s child and if I didn’t change immediately, I would be condemned forever. Always impervious to the hullabaloo amongst teachers and nuns every time I was[Read More…]

Changing face of “Mere Paas Maa hain”

The movie ‘Deewar’ released in 1975 is a story of two impoverished brothers who later become successful albeit on different sides of the law. The iconic showdown between Vijay (Amitabh Bachchan) and Ravi (Shashi Kapoor) remains etched in the memory of cinema-goers even after more than four decades of its release. Considering the fact that[Read More…]

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