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Delhi registered 140 rape cases in January 2017

Unfortunately, Delhi alone has registered about 140 cases of rape and 238 cases of molestation in January this year alone. 43 and 133 cases respectively remain unsolved. The number of rape cases registered in 2016 was 2,155, of which 291 were unsolved, while there were 4,165 molestation cases of which[Read More…]

False from start to finish: Shashi Tharoor on story about “lack of support in Thiruvananthapuram”

Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor’s Delhi home robbed, FIR lodged

Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP Shashi Tharoor filed a First Information Report (FIR) on Wednesday after his house was robbed and many valuables went missing. Tharoor filed complaint in Tuglhak Road police station after the theft on November 29. Tharoor lives in Lodhi Estate in the Lutyens’ Zone. Several[Read More…]

2 civilians killed in police firing in Kaziranga eviction

Two civilians were killed and five others injured in police open firing in Banderdubi and Deochurchang areas of Nagaon district neat Kaziranga National Park in an eviction drive carried out by Assam government. The police opened fire on protesters who were demanding compensation before they move out from areas. The[Read More…]

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