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Myanmar confirms return of 58 Rohingyas from Bangladesh

UN immunizes Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

The United Nations and the Bangladeshi government are stepping up efforts to immunize Rohingya refugees living in overcrowded camps and makeshift shelters, as the number of suspected measles cases is on the rise, said the UN on Friday. Measles, a childhood killer disease which can be particularly dangerous among unimmunised[Read More…]

31 stranded Rohingyas: India-Bangladesh to hold meeting

Nearly 604,000 Rohingya refugees arrive in Bangladesh: UN

The total number of Rohingya refugees that have arrived Bangladesh from Myanmar since August 25 has reached 604,000, a UN spokesman said here on Wednesday. “Refugees have sought shelter in Bangladesh since the outbreak of violence in Myanmar on August 25,” UN deputy spokesman, Farhan Haq said on Wednesday. More[Read More…]

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