Vijay Mallya offers to repay 100% public money back
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Vijay Mallya offers to repay 100% public money back

Fugitive liquor businessman and former Member of Parliament Vijay Mallya in a series of tweets on Wednesday said that he is “offering to pay 100%” of the public money back. Saying that while the matter of his extradition will take its own course, he “humbly requests the Banks and Government to take” his offer.

In earlier tweets, the liquor tycoon said, “Politicians and Media are constantly talking loudly about my being a defaulter who has run away with PSU Bank money. All this is false. Why don’t I get fair treatment and the same loud noise about my comprehensive settlement offer before the Karnataka High Court. Sad.” Mallya further stated that Airlines are financially struggling due to high ATF(Aviation Turbine Fuel) prices. According to him, Kingfisher faced the highest ever crude prices of $140/barrel and that he promises to repay 100% of the Principal amount.

Earlier in September, the UK court had set December 10 to deliver the verdict over if Vijay Mallya can be extradited to India or not. In India charges of money laundering and fraud are registered against him.

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