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12 Lottery Winners Who Are Still Rich

Many people who won the lottery and became billionaires overnight were overcome by their good fortune and wasted it rapidly.

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12 Lottery Winners Who Are Still Rich

Winning the lotto, making use of your wealth, and having everything you need, is terrific. Experience has shown us that this isn’t usually the case. Many people who won the lottery and became billionaires overnight were overcome by their good fortune and wasted it rapidly.

However, some lottery winners have managed their money extremely well, making wise investments, and they are still wealthy today. Since online lottery provides the option to keep the winners secret, we don’t know the identity of many jackpot lottery winners. 

Nevertheless, many people have openly collected their awards and shared their good fortune with the world. We’ll talk about some of the most famous lottery millionaires who are still wealthy today.

Brad Duke

Brad Duke, a committed lottery player, came up with his idea to “win” the lottery when he was 33 years old in 2005. He assembled the Powerball results from the previous six months, identified the 15 most often occurring numbers, and then combined them using a wheeling method. Fortunately, his efforts were successful, and he took home the $220.3 million grand prize.

He received $86 million in cash after all deductions and taxes. Brad made the decision to boost the prize money to $1 billion and allowed himself 15 years to achieve it after the required vacations, travels, and hobby updates. He hasn’t yet reached his objective, but he’s well on his way there after doubling his net worth.

He enjoys a comfortable lifestyle and makes wise investments in low-risk bonds, gas, and real estate.

Peter Lavery

When Peter Lavery won the £10.2 million jackpot in the UK National Lottery, he was earning £250 a week as a bus driver in Belfast. He made some smart financial decisions and collaborated with Cooley Whiskey Distillery to launch the Danny Boy whiskey brand. Additionally, he made some wise real estate investments, and today he owns 30 properties around Northern Ireland that provide money for him.

John and Lisa Robinson

A third of the largest Powerball prize in history was won by Lisa and John Robinson. One evening as John was heading home, Lisa called to ask him to pick up some groceries from the neighbourhood food mart and purchase some Powerball lottery tickets, letting the computer choose the numbers. They created a sensation by appearing on the Today show and other TV programs because one of their tickets was one of the lucky ones. They made some solid financial decisions, purchased a home with ten bedrooms and a sizable estate, and lived the good life in relative anonymity.

Lerynne West

On the same day that she purchased her winning US Powerball ticket, Lerynee West bought her first house. When she purchased her ticket, she headed to the grocery to get some snacks for the persons assisting her in the relocation. She learned that she was one of two winners of the enormous $687.8 million jackpot a day later.

After taxes, her portion of the lump payment came to $138.67, and she used it to form a benevolent foundation and support her family, all of whom had grown up in real poverty. She currently maintains a low profile and makes donations to several causes.

Jason Fry

Jason Fry was a common Florida resident who was trying to save money for his goal, but fate was on his side when, in 2007, he purchased a winning ticket that netted him $47 million before taxes and $14 million after taxes. After celebrating his victory with his pals and living the high life, he made a number of wise investments

Jason invested $50,000 on a driving range and golf course that earns him almost $300,000. Additionally, he acquired a battery company, expanded to four sites, and has further expansion plans.

Yancy Hicks

Although Yancy Hicks’ winnings from the Illinois State Lottery were not as large as those of the other winners featured here, he nonetheless managed his funds wisely. He made a million dollars while working at McDonald’s, and for four months, despite the prize money, he continued to report to work every day until he made a decision on what to do with it. 

In the end, he acquired his ideal vehicle, contributed to his daughter’s college expenses, and acquired a Subway shop that is flourishing and provides him with a reliable source of income. The opportunity to be his own boss is the main benefit of his lotto victory.

Cynthia Stafford

Cynthia Stafford elected to receive the lump sum payment of $45 million after taxes when she won $112 million in the California Mega Millions game. She utilized some of the money to relocate her family into a larger house after caring for her brother’s five children when he was killed in a vehicle accident. Cynthia put the remaining money into a movie production firm, but unlike the other winners on our list, she had less success and declared bankruptcy in 2016.

Mark Brudenell

When Mark Brundell’s good fortune struck in 1997, he won the UN National Lottery’s Lotto and received a stunning sum of £917,000, he and his wife Cheryl were leading regular lives. While he and his wife invested in new homes and automobiles, Mark made extremely wise use of the majority of his winnings by starting a successful double glazing company.

Sue Herdman

Hairdresser Sue Herdman chose to purchase a lottery ticket after learning from a tarot reading that money would soon be coming her way. This decision resulted in her winning £1.2 million. She left her position, shut down the salon, and began a pig farm. Currently, she has over 7000 pigs on her farm, and each week, over 1000 piglets are born. Sue is able to live a very comfortable life because of the judicious use of her lottery winnings.

Richard Lustig

Richard Lustig rose to fame as a result of his several lottery victories between 1993 and 2010; he took home seven prizes for a total sum of slightly over $1 million before taxes. He promoted his book “Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery” using his popularity. Still, almost nothing is revealed about his lottery victories and how he used the money he won outside of his public appearances when he boasted about them.

Pearlie Mae Smith 

Grandma Pearlie Mae Smith of New Jersey won the $429 million jackpot in the 2016 US Powerball game. She decided to share the $281 million lump amount among her seven children. They each received around $35 million, which they put into their own churches, the Smith Family Foundation, and various aid and charity initiatives. Even though Pearlie Mae Smith died away in 2022, her family is still in charge of the foundation and helps others who need education and feel liberated.

Neal Wanless 

While working as a ranch hand and residing with his parents, Neal Wanless experienced a period of hardship. He made the decision to pay $15 and purchase five US Powerball tickets, writing the birthdays of his loved ones on the tickets. Neal decided to take the lump sum payment of $88.5 million after taxes after winning the $232.1 million prize. He put his money and effort into the ranch where he lives the cowboy’s ideal life, expanding it from 320 acres to 32 square miles.


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