27-year old Muslim man takes care of Ram temple in Bengaluru

27-year old Muslim man takes care of Ram temple in Bengaluru

In a world were hate is above love this man from Bengaluru decided to stand out and prove that there is humanity left in the world.

Saddam Hussain, 27-year-old Muslim man from Bengaluru is the caretaker is responsible for cleaning up a temple in Rajajinagar.

According to reports, the temple chariot is taken out for a rally across Rajaji Nagar every year and Hussein is responsible for keeping it clean and maintained. The 27-year-old says he finds peace of mind while working in the temple and his work has been appreciated by thousands of devotees who visit the temple on a daily basis.

“He has been working with me at my shop for over 18 years. After I was elected as an office bearer of the temple committee, I gave him the responsibility of cleaning the temple. He comes every year before Ram Navami and cleans the temple,” said Venkatesh Babu, an office-bearer in the temple

He added “There are no issues between Hindus and Muslims in this region. We all live in complete harmony. This all is a political issue but common man lives cordially.”

Hussain told the news agency he remains dedicated to his work and is not affected by  Hindu-Muslim tension.

“I am a Muslim by birth and have been working in the temple from last 3 years. I feel good and it gives peace of mind. I take care of complete cleaning. No one has ever objected to it,” said Hussein.

The temple was constructed in the 1950s when the Rajaji layout was formed.

The temple will host thousands of devotees on the occasion of Ram Navami on April 14 like every year.

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