99-year old granny from Argentine resumes studies at school for adults

99-year old granny from Argentine resumes studies at school for adults

A 99-year-old Argentine woman has been lauded by netizens for resuming her studies and proving that age is not the limit for learning and education.

The woman, Eusebia Leonor Cordal, had to give up school at a young age after her mother’s demise and family issues. As per the reports, Now, at the age of 99, the woman has decided to continue her education and has not even missed a single day at school.

The woman has forgotten everything when she resumed studies but now she remembers every schedule. She had even forgotten how to read and write.

After attending the Primary School for Adults of Laprida, the 99-year-old woman has learnt to read and write again. She now also wishes to learn how to use computers.

One of her teachers, Patricia, picks her up from her home every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday to take her to school. Surprisingly, Cordal has perfect attendance at the school since the day she joined.

A video has been circulating on the Internet showing Cordal coming to the class with her teacher and taking down notes along with her classmates who also resumed their studies with her. The video has touched many hearts and it beautifully narrates her inspiring story and journey.

Cordal has proved that it is never late to start again.

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