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After Chhattisgarh list, several BJP MLAs are feared of getting axed in Rajasthan

Following the Chhattisgarh BJP list, where party denied tickets to several sitting MLAs for assembly polls, BJP legislators in Rajasthan are in a state of fear as party leaders have stated that, there is nervousness among its MLAs over failing to secure a place in candidates list.

Although, contestants list of BJP is not out yet for Rajasthan, where assembly elections will take place on December 7. According to sources, in a move to overcome anti-incumbency in the state, around 80 BJP MLAs in Rajasthan will be axed this time. The current 200-member Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha has 163 BJP MLAs.

Several BJP legislators have requested to the state and central leadership that they want to change their constituency.

Speaking on the lines of tickets distribution, BJP’s Rajasthan election in-charge Prakash Javadekar told media, “Let the list of candidates be announced. We might replace candidates but the candidates will not be allowed to change seats”.

Prakash Javadekar along with State BJP in-charge Avinash Rai Khanna and State BJP President Madan Lal Saini have opined that, winnability is the main criteria for picking up the candidates for electoral battle against Congress. And dropped MLAs may be given other jobs in the party.


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