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Madhya Pradesh: Kamal Nath and Rakesh Singh, two political stalwarts with many things in common

By Ashish Mani Tiwari
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Congress and Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), who are battling against each other on the electoral ground of Madhya Pradesh, have inducted new state chiefs earlier this year. BJP State President Rakesh Singh and Member of Parliament from Jabalpur and Congress State President Kamal Nath and Member of Parliament from Chhindwara, both have a common style of working, including the vision for party and development of their respective constituencies.

Kamal Nath appointed as Congress State Chief in August 2018, while Rakesh Singh taken up the role of State BJP Chief in April 2018.

The appointment of both stalwarts have created an interesting battle between BJP and Congress, as Kamal Nath and Singh has left no stone unturned for their respective parties so far.

Here are some points, which Kamal Nath and Rakesh Singh have in common

Working Mode:  As a fact, Kamal Nath and Rakesh Singh believe in making cordial relations with everyone including opposition leaders. Apart from maintaining relations, both leaders are easily accessible to party workers and public of their respective constituencies. After the induction Kamal Nath and Rakesh Singh in state’s leadership, BJP and Congress cadres have showcased unity on different platforms, previously both parties were in loggerheads with party workers and state leaders.

Development Module:  After 2003, both Jabalpur and Chhindwara witnessed a drastic change in terms of development. Chhindwara, where railways service was a dream, became true to in 2004, credits to Kamal Nath’s vision and dedication towards ‘modern Chhindwara’ and further Tropical Forest Research Institute and many more ventures landed in Chhindwara.

Similarly, no one had thought of regular air services in Jabalpur, during three tenures of  Rakesh Singh as Member of Parliament, aviation services had gone several miles in the city including Jabalpur to Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Bengaluru flights. Apart from air services, completion of long awaited rail broad-gauge project of Jabalpur-Gondia is another big achievement of Rakesh Singh.

Mahakaushal Connection: Kamal Nath and Rakesh Singh both MPs are representing a constituency of Mahakaushal region Chhindwara and Jabalpur respectively, which is the largest division of Madhya Pradesh in terms of population and area. Since BJP projected Rakesh Singh in state leadership, further Congress fielded Kamal Nath. According to sources, the vital reason behind projecting both these leaders could be to target Mahakaushal voters, as both parties are looking to strengthen their roots in the respective regions.

Kamal Nath is serving his ninth term as Member of Parliament from Chhindwara and Rakesh Singh is in his third term from Jabalpur, but the audacity of both leaders in state is highly appreciated in political circles of Madhya Pradesh for various reasons.


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