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Ahmedabad: Man returns to wife after ‘instant triple talaq’ but society unwilling to accept

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Although the Supreme Court declared the instant triple talaq unconstitutional, seems like it wouldn’t be that easy for the society to shun the practice. A young woman from Juhapura who reunited with her husband hours after he pronounced instant triple talaq, faces social boycott. In fact, the 23-year-old is being seen as a promiscuous woman living in with a stranger.

A week after SC verdict, the woman’s husband uttered talaq thrice in a fit of rage after she failed to get him a matchbox. But the next morning, he realized his mistake and apologised to her.  The woman said, “Last Wednesday, I was sound asleep when Hozefa (name changed) came home. It was 1 am. He looked inebriated. He wanted to smoke and asked me to hand over a matchbox to him. But I was too sleepy. When he did not manage to locate the matchbox, he began hitting me. Then he pronounced talaq thrice,” the woman told Ahmedabad Mirror.

“I was so shocked to hear talaq from him that I told him he could have killed me than utter those words,” she added.  The neighbours woke up hearing the fuss and decided that since the woman had been divorced she should return to her parents’ house. “They removed my bangles and my nose ring. Then they asked me to sit in ‘iddat’ but I refused,” the woman said.

When a women’s rights activist, Noorjahan Dewan heard about what had transpired, she told the woman that the practice had been ended by SC. However, the real fight is with her neighbours who now consider her a fallen woman. “They do not talk to me; they do not even look at me now. I try not to be bothered by it but of course it hurts. The people who were friends till yesterday now refuse to even acknowledge my existence,” she said.

The wife agreed to live with her husband and has forgiven him. But the couple fear that the stigma may persist to haunt their child in future. Noorjahan Dewan said, “Even though the couple has resolved their differences, what is most striking is the attitude of the people around who are behaving in such a despicable way.”