America’s Independence Day 2019: 6 places across USA to watch colorful display of firecrackers
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America’s Independence Day 2019: 6 places across USA to watch colorful display of firecrackers

Fourth of July is one of the most significant days for the Americans as it is America’s Independence Day. Every year on July 4, the Americans see a great enthusiasm by all the citizens with amazing firecrackers show that marks a new beginning.

A stunning display of fireworks is seen across the United States and people gather in large numbers to view this scenic display. People also celebrate independence by going on day-long picnics, barbecues, family and friends outing, cultural events, etc.

But no matter what, the celebratory firework is an activity that has stayed over the years and enjoyed throughout.

So as the independence day of America way ahead, let’s look at some places throughout America where you can have a good time

  • New York- Macy’s fourth of July firework display will take place at Brooklyn Bridge this year. This time the show promises to be more creative with effects from different locations of the entire bridge. The firework show will begin between 9 to 9:30 pm.
  • Washington DC- If you want to indulge yourself into some patriotic feels of the celebration in the capital of US. The Fourth of July celebration takes place at the National Mall Independence Day celebration in Washington DC every year. One of the best spots to view is from the Lincoln Memorial. it will start at 9 pm.
  • Boston- The firework display in Boston city is known for being accompanied by a live orchestra. The most highlighting part of this orchestra is real cannon fire. One can enjoy the beautiful firework show along the Charles River. The concert begins here at 8 pm and the fireworks start around 10.30 pm.
  • Florida- the firework show can be viewed from a beach in Miami. It holds fire on the Fourth Festival to mark the celebration of the day. There is live music, a variety of food to choose and activities on the beach, etc.
  • California- One of the most appealing spots to watch the fireworks is Lake Tahoe. The stunning fireworks make a reflection in the lake water and the Nevada mountains add a backdrop to the location. Over a lakh of people head to this place to witness the half an hour display of firework. You can also ride in the lake and watch the show to get a better view of it.
  • Las Vegas- This place holds a reputation of being a lit place at all times but on this special day it is a lot more extra. The celebration here included parties in the club to live music playing. There are also several events organized in the city for the independence day celebration.

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